Introduce Yourself!

The first step to learning a language is making a statement!! Stating your intention to learn to friends, family, and the community helps make that learning a reality. Introduce yourself, and tell us why you want to learn :slight_smile:

I’ll start! Hi everyone, my name is John and I am learning Chinese because I love Wuxia & Xianxia web novels (Chinese fantasy Marshall arts novels from China; check out My goal is to be able to read an entire novel without opening the dictionary once!


Hi my name is James and I am learning Chinese because I think that it will be an important language in the future. My goal is to be able to hold a full conversation in Chinese.


Hi my name is Maxim and I am learning Chinese because my parents think I should learn it.


It is nice to meet you John. I am Amie. I found out about Pandanese on Duolingo, I am a fan of learning new languages. I like the idea of being able to make converse with people around the world (either for work or vacation). There are so many Chinese speakers everywhere, it seems like an important language to become familiar with.

Good luck with Wuxia & Xianxia novels, I am sure you will get there. Thanks, for the link - they look interesting. If my Chinese ever is that good - I will honestly be shocked.

I think, one of my goals would be go to a C-pop concert, and understand some of the music.


Hey Amie!! Thank you for your reply!! That is awesome, I think that is a great goal and would be a tone of fun. I hope to do that too some day. If you ever find any awesome webnovels, please tell me!!

OMG… Without opening the dictionary once? Wow… Fantastic!

Hi, My name is Catherine. Chinese is definitely becoming a key language in the world. Reasonable fluency in Chinese is what opens many more doors if you are looking for a job or are starting a career.

I was going to go to China for work two years ago, but plans changed. However, my interest in Chinese grew and now I am learning, full steam ahead. I truly fell in love with the culture, the literature, the History of the Chinese people, and it has become a passion of mine. :slight_smile:

Pandanese is incredibly useful for the learning part: getting your radicals firmly in place will save you many many months, if not years, of semi-guessing, or floundering around reading and writing Chinese.

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Hello, my name is Jacquline. I am learning Chinese because I plan to travel when I get older. My main goal is to be able to hold a full conversation in Chinese.


Hi Jacquline!

Welcome! My name is Catherine.

That’s wonderful!

Way back, I was painfully bumbling along in my learning English, until I went to England twice, for a month each, and it completely changed my brain pattern.

I am trying to get myself to China as soon as I can myself :smile: so that I break again that glass ceiling of "learned sentences" but no fluency…

Good luck with your studies, and I’m glad you’ve started the right way: by addressing the function of radicals in learning Chinese. You’ll make progress by leaps and bounds that way!

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Hey everyone! You can call me Aqua ^^ I’m learning Chinese because that’s what my parents and extended family speak :slight_smile: (Basically I’m paying for my mistake of quitting Chinese school haha) My current goal is to be able to write and read conversational Chinese.

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Hi all :smiley: You can call me Sage(everyone does XD) I’m learning Chinese because of force and I am truly interested in it. My current goal is to be able to write and read Chinese. I also hope by posting here I can form a study group to not only learn but make friends and have fun. :smiley:

That’s awesome

Thanks Mdaed :smiley: I hope we can both work hard and learn together :smiley: Ps love that anime XD

what’s your favorite anime

我叫惠可人。你说看和写字中国。My one goal is to be completly fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Right now I can speak fluenty, just can hardly read and write.

Hi my name is Pene. My daughter in law is Chinese and speaks good English. I would like to be able to understand the meaning of the Chinese characters instead of relying on translate apps. Does anyone know a good free site/app for learning to speak Mandarin?

Hi my name is Nao. I just started learning Chinese.
My goal is to text and talk with my Chinese friends in Chinese!!

I decided to share my progress on this topic(Let’s share progress!) to commit my learning. And hopefully I can get some cheers from you guys…:see_no_evil:
Please post your progress on Pandanese or anything relates to your learning!!


我 叫 Alexina and I’m learning Chinese because I speak Spanish and English and if I learn Chinese I’ll speak the three most spoken languages which is really cool honestly.


Really really cool. I am studying several languages because it is cool to me, in my own head. I am 71 yo and Chinese is my current favorite because it requires ALL my brain, with the different scripts and artful ways to express diff concepts. I added Japanese and now Characters have another group of sounds in Kanji. Totally fun to mess with my brain this way and pick up a language on the way.

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