What interested you to learn Chinese?

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Initially it was a interest in East Asia in general starting with Japan through Japanese pop culture (anime, manga, etc). Then I got really into the language and became obsessed with languages in general, so I thought that Chinese might be one of the next ones.

In the next couple of years, I started university, made a girlfriend who is actually from China, and cofounded an East Asia organization for our campus. I have been the president of the organization since, I am now happily married to the girl I met all that while back, and now I’m in the midst of dramatically more intensive study of Mandarin to be able to interact with my spouse’s family and get more involved in the media that she consumes and the culture of China in general!

Truly the story is so much more complicated, with every aspect of it making thousands of meaningful connections with every other of the aspect that makes up the journey I’ve been going through. Looking forward to finally being able to go to the country in the next coming years and solidifying this knowledge into fluency!


I learnt Japanese and became very interested in language learning, I very much enjoy it. Eventually I wanted to learn a new language and moved on to Chinese, as I had grown fond of the characters. After a year I’ve restarted learning after moving to Singapore, I hope to communicate with the locals in Chinese soon!

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Hello Wattsy!

That is so cool, Singapore is such a beautiful country! And yes, definitely learning Chinese is a great way to communicate with the locals :slight_smile:

We hope you’re enjoying your language learning journey with us here in Pandanese!