Let's share progress!

I am going to post my progress on Pandanese here!(I will try at least once a day…:sweat_smile:)
Please post your progress too! Let’s cheer up each other!

Also, I would love to hear whenever you think your Chinese is getting better in your daily life too, so your post doesn’t have to be progress on Pandanese!!:grinning:

Here is my first baby step!!

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here is my first step

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July 25, 2018. I reviewed 29 Radicals!!:nerd_face:

July 26, 2018. I reviewed 29 Radicals again.

july 26th reviewed 29 radicals getting a little better


I can’t wait to learn Characters!! :sunglasses:

Also looks like I have three days until next review…:thinking:(except 3 incorrect cards!!)

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hi!! i am ok with sharing… however, i have no idea how to find or post those chart things
I have reviewed twice and now unlocked the second set of the beginners.

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found the chrts, now dont see how to cut and paste… or what.

Hi!! thank you for sharing it!! looks like you are a little ahead of me!!
I will try to follow you!! :nerd_face:

You don’t have to share screenshot or image. I am just so happy to see others’ cohort!!
(FYI I am using cloudapp to take this screenshot. it is super easy to copy and paste screenshot.)

ok… this is the day after the long wait, and i found myself confused with remembering the exact Y word… yu, yi, ye, ect. that were in this group. Other than that, so-so, except in many cases i could come up with 2 of the three things i needed to remember. if i share this kind of thing, i can look at it later to see where i am with these issues. My hope is to write all the short y words on a sheet and get each of them into some sort of memorable pattern.

I haven’t learned Character, but will be careful with Y word then :thinking:
I did three cards review I got incorrect before.(still waiting to review rest of them :drooling_face:)

july 30 just got access to characters


well, you are already ahead of English speakers because you have some relationship with Kanji… I am already remembering more when they show up in Japanese as well as Chinese… then remember the different pronunciations and Voila!!! you are stellar .

Do you use other apps?

yeah that is true.:sweat_smile: Nice!! I just did 26 radicals review, and finally I have Characters to learn!! but I keep them for tomorrow haha

I used Duolingo a little bit first, but only Pandanese now!! How about you??

I use lots of apps. However, I am retired and can study /learn / try things with my time. So, that is my advantage! I could list my favorites… but too many . If you are interested in particular ones, just ask, I might have tried it.

I enjoy experiencing / trying different methods of education/ learning. We have so many options today to tailor our learning to our own needs. How awesome is that? Thanks for chatting, it is so nice talking about our learning and progressing.

I missed too many of the radicals so went to paper and pen for extra practice . But, i am recognizing more of the radicals these days in Chinese and Nihongo apps. Is it Ok to sprinkle in bits of Japanese that I know or am learning? Do not want to impose in the slightest.

Until next time

are we still posting progress here is mine for today


I understand. Thank you for the offer!! I might ask you some other time.

Of course!! If you have Japanese question, you can ask me :grinning:

I am!! I just stopped showing the progress table.

I learned new Characters today!

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I reviewed 15 Characters and learn 3 new cards today!! I needed to review Characters from individual cards instead of taking quiz immediately…without it, it it was kinda hard to remember especially when you couldn’t review after 4 hours, and came back a day later :thinking:

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