Beginner Student Tips for Learning Chinese

Hello Pandanese Community!

We’re glad to be part of your journey to learning Chinese! In this thread, let’s share some useful tips for students beginning to learn Chinese.

Our favorite tip is to integrate learning Chinese in your daily lives. Learning does not have to be boring! Learn Chinese through the things you love whether that is cooking (learning chinese through cooking tutorials) or listening to music (C-pop songs anyone?) Learning Chinese can be fun!

Find out more about how you can learn Chinese depending on your learning style on our blog!

Listen listen listen! Pay attention to every little sound until there’s nothing interesting left to listen to anymore! This goes for all languages.

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That is very true!! Listening is an important skill in learning a new language. Especially since Mandarin is a tonal language. This is a great tip, thank you so much for sharing! :panda_face: :purple_heart: