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The Hundred-Best-List (Circa 2012) hidden as a link in the Terms of Service is a hoot! I clicked on “Santa’s List,” but ended up with a 404 . . . Darn! Oh well. No Santa. On another hand, clicking on the Fibonacci Sequence entry yielded this: you can calculate how many pairs of bunnies you end up with by using the Fibonacci numbers: “The Fibonacci numbers give the number of pairs of rabbits n months after a single pair begins breeding.” Having a hard time right now writing this because I am trying not to laugh out loud. Who knew learning Chinese could be so much fun! 哈哈哈哈!

I definitely love the Pandanese’ Team’s sense of humor! Keep it up, guys! Back to studying . . .

So I really can’t do anything except every four hours?

Probably, yes, but once you accumulate more cards, the pace sort-of accelerates: now that I’ve progressed to Lesson 4, I have to be far more regular in my study, otherwise I find myself having to literally “catch up” with 45-50 cards to review if I let go of review/learn for one day or two. The waiting period is meant to respect the space repetition’s most optimal time for our brain to forget some but not entirely, then reinforce. At first, I was chomping at the bit, but now I am starting to see the wisdom of it . . .

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where can I find this?

Haha! In the Pandanese Forum FAQ’s, here:
(It says: Please read this carefully. So I did… )
Have fun!
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thank you

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The following characters are only partially defined in your application: 存,未,怎,呢,叫,yuan

Many translations are arbitrary and awkward, e.g.: “with one’s all strength” (no other translation is accepted)

For the card Da Shi(Ambassador) in lesson 2, the reading of it is adding the comma and tone marks and won’t let me enter “da shi” by itself as the reading but requires me to write “dà shǐ,” in order for it to be accepted.

I am finding this frustratingly slow. I came back this morning (being a Saturday and no work - I started yesterday) and still had to wait several hours before I could try again. Also frustrated because I can’t move on - I know Japanese, so 90% of the radicals are familiar. On top of which, of my 3 mistakes, I wrote 8 instead of eight, battlefield instead of battleground, and top instead of lid (this one I can understand might not have been precise enough…), but on the basis of that I can’t do any more. Maybe there needs to be a bit more flexibility for different paces of learning, learning backgrounds, and time commitments. There should be at least something new every single time.

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I gave up the program, honestly. I don’t have the time to go at such an excruciatingly slow pace. I eventually moved on from Mandarin anyway.

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I have been reviewing just 3 cards for the last three days - for example eight because I typed in 8 instead… with no new material to keep my interest. Where is this fast learning - or even learning? Isn’t there a way to build in more flexibility in the pace? I am feeling very frustrated.

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I’m not surprised! And a bit freaked out that it stays this slow. I’m pedantic, but this is crazy. I already read and write Japanese, and used a similar system to learn, so I’m already familiar with the learning system and most of the meanings - if not always the exact word. Plus, while reviewing is important, also having a bit of new stuff every time is just as important - I’m now 3 days on reviewing 3 radicals - with mistakes like writing the digit 8 instead of the word eight .

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Same issue on my end with the Da Shi card. I have to copy the acceptable answer from the screen and then paste it back for the correct answer once the card reappears. See attached screen shot. Could this be fixed? Also, it appears that for some cards some of he the alternative meaning I was able to see previously disappeared and instead only empty brackets are shown: [ ]

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Yes - that’s the only way I’ve been able to get around that one.

It would also be good too, to have a link from the individual character of a compound back to its original. I’ve wanted to double check a meaning and had to spend ages looking for them.

This is Hiro from Pandanese.

Apologies for the convenience. I fixed 大使 issue. If you see this kind of issue again, please let us know via chat on Pandanese or email to

Thank you for the feedback.

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Thanks! I came across 大使 now and it works well.

I’m wondering at the order of learning. There are a lot of abstract concepts, like several words that are variations on real and genuine. Wouldn’t it be easier to be working with words that are more concrete in concept?

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Wrong acceptable answer:

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Another example where correct pronunciation is rejected as incorrect:

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