Abysmal Customer Service

I’ve been trying to cancel my account for over two weeks and cannot get anyone to reply. I’ve disputed the charge through my credit card company, but this is ridiculous.


Yeah that’s bad. Everyone reply to this to increase visibility. I will also personally unsubscribe if you don’t get this guy’s account canceled this month. Join on – if this site and product is dead then there are better options.

Or, better yet: let’s make our own Chinese learning app/website that isn’t as bad. If anyone is interested let me know (still just totally an idea; could just be a joint collab to share best Chinese learning resources as well)

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Yeah nah actually this is the camel breaking the back; I’m out now too. The fact you can’t add synonyms (and the retarded amount of oddly very long descriptions/lack of synonyms that are registered in dictionaries), the errors that exist, and now bad customer service. I love the concept of Pandanese, but it feels more like an open beta than an actually finished product.

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Yo try their other email too: info@pandanese.com. [edit: this email is dead/bounces - so Privacy Policy is out of date but go figures, this whole site is dying, if not already dead]

I sent to the customer service email (support@pandanese.com), this email (info@pandanese.com), and also the live chat.

If they do not cancel at the start of the next payment cycle (mid to late June for me), I will contact my bank to stop the payment.

Also, depending on how this is handled (looking at you @nikolay, lol) I will personally make it my life mission to let everyone know how garbage Pandanese is, and to avoid it like the plague. How’s that for customer response? Hehe :smiley:

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The errors are bonkers—I emailed a bunch and never heard back and he was like “oh I only update once a month.” So I have to learn the wrong thing for another three weeks before you fix your error? Totally unreasonable for a product that you pay for.

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Hello. This is Pandanese support.
We are sorry that our customer support has not been up to par. We are currently trying our best to fix this situation so that this problem should not occur again. @indestrcutiblelion, I believe that your issue has been resolved through the support chat but if you have any other issues please let me know. @SuomiWeland if no one has contacted you yet. Please send a chat or message to us again. We will be sure that this time we will answer your concerns promptly. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I’d also like to cancel my account, why is there no way to cancel through the app? I’m pretty sure that’s borderline illegal

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We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. To cancel your account feel free to send a chat or email us at support@pandanese.com. We will reply to you and handle the matter as soon as possible.

Please don’t let this app die due to issues such as these. We all want a chinese version of wanikani, and I think that wanikani has shown that serious money can be earned with apps like these. Trust me when I say that I know how hard it is to pull through on a project such as this but the rewards are waiting on the other side.
Just make a disciplined schedule for maintenance, further development and customer support, prioritze the issues at hand and get to work.

PLEASE. Seriously.