How to Contact Pandanese - HELP!

Can anyone help me please? I am trying to contact the folks at Pandanese and have emailed both and but both of them are returned undeliverable.
Has anyone else managed to contact anyone at Pandanese recently? If so, how?
I need to make an important change to my subscription and don’t seem to be able to do this. If I can’t contact them I will have to stop my subscription which I don’t really want to do as I feel I am making real progress at the moment.

i emailed a few months ago and got a response. It is strange that the user doesn’t have the ability to manage their subscription as part of the website.

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Their Chinese is not very good - most of the words are okay but some are kind of out to lunch and I am a white native English Speaker. I learned to speak Chinese when teaching English in China and wanted to expand my vocab so I thought I would try it but it was not that good - SpeakEasy has books and flashcards that are easier and more accurate - I cant remember off the top of my head some of the problem flashcards - but if you want to chat more feel free to contact me - I would not waste my time on this service there are way better programs- especially if they are not contacting you. I had forgotten all about this one until your e-mail came which was weird. Cheers, Gayle

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Thanks Gayle, I am interested to see any other options. I like how this sent regular reminders and built up from radicals so the characters made an intuitive sense (sort of!). If you have any alternative suggestions, I am definitely interested. I have still not heard from them so will stop my subscription unless I hear very soon now. I am starting to wonder if the website has been abandoned as other people don’t seem to have responses to queries on other subjects. Liz

I agree! I am not at all happy about this. When I made my first payment it did not state that it would be a continuous payment, so I think the subscriptions are a bit dodgy to be honest. Such a shame as I was really starting to feel I was making progress.

I am not sure where you are but Chapters/Indigo has SpeakEasy books and I believe they have a whole series of learning tools like flashcards etc., which is what the kids learning Chinese at the IB school I was teaching at used. There are some free apps available for download on phones too. Many foreigners in China use the PLECO app (which is more of a high tech dictionary but also has some games and flashcards) and CCTV has a series of tv shows for free that helps you practice your listening and talks about the radicals too. You should not have to pay money as there is so much stuff out there for free. I just did the trial and since I already speak I could tell that Pandaese is not accurate. My guess is that they got into some sort of trouble and closed down or something. A lot of Chinese businesses close just as fast as they open.

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I am in the UK. I have had a quick Google but I can’t see SpeakEasy - I will keep searching!

oh sorry… my bad… its Chineseasy… you do have to pay for the books and flashcards - I just bought the book at the book store. hope this helps

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I wish I knew how to contact these people. I’ve sent enquiries but haven’t heard anything back for months. It’s a shame since I quite like using Pandanese and find it effective.

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Me too! I have stopped my subscription now because I can’t contact them. :frowning:

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I think that there are not enough users on this site, to make it financially viable to employ someone on support.
I hope that they are getting enough money to afford to keep the site operational.

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Hey! John speaking here… Lowlandgiant… Love that you feel that way. I was with Pandanese back when it first started a little over a year and a half ago now.

Really sorry to everyone who has had inquiries that we have not been able to help with. Unfortunately, it is exactly as you say–it is really hard to find people who can help with support given the website’s size.

We had a volunteer for a while, but when that person left we unfortunately could not fill the hole they left. I’m coming back to the project now and we are committed to getting it back on track!! I do have a day job, however, but I will do my best to spend time on it in the evenings.

Best place to reach us should be at moving forward!

Wow! Great News! John is back! Welcome back, John! Great to have you here again!