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I’ve noticed that no one seems to be using this forum at all. I was curious how many daily, active users there still are on this site. Anyone else active and care to respond? What has everyone else switched to using?
I’m pairing this with Anki also, to a degree that can accomplish everything we have on this site I suppose.

You can view the user list in the menu (and at /u). Sort by Days Visited. Not many people around on this forum. Doesn’t include people who just use the app or lurk these forums though.
I’m just starting on Pandanese, but the site looks a bit quiet. Hopefully it sticks around. I like the mnemonics and interface so far. And I also like the idea of having a guided progression through characters and vocab.

Oh interesting, I haven’t looked at that before. But also, that’s just the users on the forum (which as you’ve said is very quite), I was wondering to hear from some of the administrators what the numbers actually using the site would be. But even they don’t appear to be looking at the forum at all…
I think this sites pretty decent, many of us that came to this site were from WaniKani, and this is essentially an attempted carbon copy of that. Though I think some of their mnemonics really aren’t that helpful, so I just built my own or generate better ones through ChatGPT. They should probably incorporate that to some degree, or have some feedback system for their mnemonics.

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Yeah it seems like not too many people are using it. I like the site but there are some quality issues with the flash cards, hopefully it stays around for a while since I’m still only at level 20

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Yeah, it’s too bad. Would be nice to have a larger community. But it’d also be nice if the people making it would be up front on what they’re working on, and give us updates. Also if they fix the cards that we point out mistakes on… or take any kind of feedback from the users.

But anyways, level 20 is quite far! I’m still on level 7 right now. How long did that take you?

My guess is that this is more of a side-project for the devs, every now and then one guy looks at the forum, he actually manually raised my new card limit to 30 which was how I got to level 20 in a few months. I’d already finished Wanikani so was overconfident and going fast, it backfired when I was too busy for studying Chinese, now I have a review backlog of 1500 cards haha

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Yeah, makes sense. Wish they put more effort into it, but oh well. Maybe if users pick up.
My friend and I are working on a semi-copy cat of all of these, but for a broader range of languages. In general SRS stuff for languages is amazing, but things like Anki feel a bit lackluster somehow.

You also came from WaniKani? I’m up to level 23 on there. Do you feel like these are actually helpful with speaking/writing? For both languages, this helps my reading a ton, but I don’t recall the words going the other way as easily. There needs to be an English to Chinese version of this also, like there is for WaniKani with the offshoot KaniWani.

1500 cards :joy:, that’s incredible. It’s like how my WaniKani is looking like for me now too, but I’m stopping my Japanese learning for a while, I’ll get back to it eventually.