Why use this category

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Why use this category:

It takes a long time to figure out what works from what’s just adequate.

Users submit a short list of useful places, teachers, web pages etc. so that other users can benefit immediately.

The content is fluid, changes a lot, with users’ feedback

A few anchors as constant (books, bookstores, tips to ace an exam etc.)

The new category invites “cross-pollination” :
ex.: I review two books here, but I also emailed the author to talk about the value of Pandanese as a program to learn etc.


Study abroad tips from learners (of all ages) who did study abroad (in China, Taiwan etc.) ;

A hack that makes learning with Pandanese easier?

Other essential approaches to Learning Chinese concurrently with Pandanese?

Local classes?

On-going sales of studying material etc.

. . . etc… will think of more value here . . .

I think yes, we need that category.

Right now, you can’t exchange tips on another existing page, or can you?