Recommended material/resources to use along side Pandanese?

Ref the title: Do you guys have any recommendations on resources to use along side Pandanese?

Disclaimer I just started learning Chinese the last 1-2 months, but any tips for the potential future is also highly appreciated :smile:

I’ve been thinking about trying out some anki decks like Spoonfedchinese and some others ones that gives you sentences with just some new stuff for each card. (When I learned Spanish and a tiny bit of German I quickly noticed that anki decks with sentences are much better than just single words in general, with respect to learning potential due to context and motivation.)
Do you have any specific anki recommendations?

I’ve also been using the hellochinese app a little - I just hit the hsk1 mark the other day, but the gamification apps can be a little bit hard for me when it comes to motivation.

Recently I’ve been thinking about finding a Chinese grammar book that is kind of equivalent to the Japanese Genki books - as they seem highly recommend.

So… Do you guys have any good recommendations? Books, anki decks, apps or otherwise? :smile:

I just started going through the Chinese Zero to Hero course. It’s supposed to be used to accompany the HSK textbooks. I think in general I like notecards the best, but you can’t get everything from notecards alone, you need a variety of different inputs. I also use LingQ for reading, and that’s quite nice.

I’ve been in China the past month and a half, and I’ve noticed that my reading and writing far far far outpaces my speaking and listening, even though that part is the most important part… So find ways where you can actually do more of that. Like make friends on HelloTalk and have calls with them, or use iTalki.

Lastly, I recommend the book “Fluent in 3 Months”.