What if I can’t remember my Pandanese cards?

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Another thought: I noticed there are about a dozen vocabulary cards that are giving me a really hard time to remember right now.
Examples: 作为 (zuo4 wei2 - to act as); 以为 (yi3 wei2 - to think); 不如 (bu4 ru2 - inferior to).

What if there were a new category or topic named I can’t-remember-this-one.

A Distressed User is allowed to submit, say, 5 per month max (or whatever);

He/she puts it out for the Community to look at.

Users then offer a new meme, suggest a new mnemonic, the perfect tie-in, etc.

The User in Distress nominates the most valuable one;

The Moderator votes it up or down, making sure it still adheres to the Pandanese method.

If voted down, the Distressed User still got help from the community;

If voted up, the winning entry gets . . . Panda Points? A trip to the Emerald City? A fresh helping of bamboo leaves? Stars, kudos, more confetti… You get the point.

What do you think?

I think that is a great idea! Feel free to create a topic for any of those :slight_smile: People could submit anything from a different mnemonic to a whole story that can help.

Let’s start by having the topics, and if people get involved we could go from there?

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By creating a topic, you mean add a sub-topic to your general “Chinese Studies Resources”?

For instance: “What’s that Card? (or: What’s That Character?)

Yeah that works well! Feel free to do it elsewhere too if you think that is better. I trust you :wink:

Also, your email signature was included in your response on the forum, so everyone can see your email and phone number :stuck_out_tongue:

That is fine with me, but just wanted to let you know in case you did not want to make that available on the forum.

Email + phone number?
Not a good idea for a forum!

That’s a big Oops!

Can I just take it out myself or how do I hide it?

I guess I “replied to this email” . . …


I took it down for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks, John!