Community proposals for better mnemonics

Hi all,

I think a lot of mnemonics could use improvement, around here. One fantastic example:

…do you see what I mean? How does this radical look anything like a magnet? And what does the sun character have to do with it? I don’t know how you feel, but mnemonics like these don’t help me whatsoever.

So, here are two proposals, @PandaneseSupport and @pandanese community:

(1) implement a function where individual users can propose mnemonics for a card. The mnemonics can be voted on. The overall highest voted 3 mnemonics will be displayed during learning new cards and reviews.

(2) this thread can be used by the community to collect bad mnemonics and propose better ones. @PandaneseSupport only has to enter the proposed ones into the system then.

What do you think, everyone?

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I do believe that Pandanese’s mnemonics could be a lot better, as well. I’ve actually stopped paying attention to them as there are a lot of weird ones even just story-wise (like stuff about old ladies getting stabbed or pushed down hills or something).

Personally, I would just like Pandanese to implement a way for users to define their own mnemonics. Same thing with synonyms and such. Basically just user-customizable options for card definitions and mnemonics would go a long way towards improving the service. I think this would be a bit simpler to implement and would fix several issues that Pandanese currently has.

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Hello Robert!

First of all, we would like to thank you for using Pandanese. We highly appreciate your dedication in giving your feedback in this forum as well :slight_smile:

Regarding the suggestions you made:
(1) This is a great idea. We will definitely consider this in our development. Although we are not sure when we can start implementing this, we will do our best to improve your user experience.

(2) We will be very grateful if our users can point out any problematic mnemonics in our platform. Please do let us know if you come across any in this thread and we will do our best to make the changes.

We look forward to all of your feedback :slight_smile: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I personally like brief mnemonic devices that contain a clue to the sound of the word and the meaning like “Show me your hand” or “Be(gi)n as a mnemonic device for Ben/origin”. These work for me because I easily remember the character though I might use an additional device, again with the word ben, the character is tree and one but the one reminds me of the root of the tree and root=origin. For ru, I might think “If you yawn in front of a woman it is rude”. For yin, “You have a big mouth for a reason” and I look at the character for big and picture that as a person inside an opening “You’re in” = yin.

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Thank you for your feedback! We will take note of it and consider it for our development. Please continue to support us and feel free to send us your feedback anytime! We appreciate you! :slight_smile: