What new features are the most demanded for Pandanese students?

Help us to prioritize new features. What features would you like to be added to Pandanese most?

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Could it be possible to customize radical names?
I’m also studying Japanese and using Wanikani, so if it’s possible it would be great if I could just use one set of radical names for both languages!


Thanks for the feedback and welcome to the forum!

We’re going to deploy a major update of the flashcard deck design this week. The next milestone will be devoted to the feature that allows to edit the flash card entry.

Interested in customising mnemonics too?

Customising mnemonics would also be a cool idea, thank you


Wanikani has like a notes section on each kanji that just adds to the mnemonics. I would suggest that over customizing the mnemonics.

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Oh yes, this is a long way away for me, but is there anyway Traditional Characters can be offered in the future? Maybe it can be a post Level 60 feature?

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Noted. Thanks. I do remember your feedback via email :slight_smile:

I believe it should be an alternative course at Pandanese. Most probably those who learn Traditional characters are not interested in the Simplified ones. So we don’t have to force them to study Simplified first.

We’ll tweak the app and the current course, and once we’re ready, we’ll pass over to Traditional.

@F1ForHelp @CDittmar

Does anybody want to try the new card entries? Lessons 1-3 are ready so far. We are going to start testing next week.

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me! me! me!

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Roger that! I will contact you as soon as we’re ready with the deck.

I’ve noticed it’s very easy to put in the meaning instead of the reading and vice versa. Is there any way it can be set up so the system can detect that, for example, someone put in the meaning for 人 (Man) when it wanted the reading (ren) instead of just marking it wrong?


Already in the backlog

Oh yes, one last thing, if you feel the need to “reset” a card you already mastered, is this something that is currently possible, and if not can it be added in the future?

Hey, its Trevor here. :))

Sorry if its been asked before - but mobile optimization would be cool (it still works on my phone but cropping cuts off full info screen on reviews when checking for wrong items).

Hi Trevor! Welcome to Pandanese!

Noted! Honestly, we keep to the desktop because of a real keyboard. Space repetition system works the way that on later lessons the flashcards for daily review can pile up to thousand (especially if you missed a day or two). So the student needs the real keyboard to be efficient at learning.

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Hi, I’m new here! I would love a dark theme for the site, since the white background and brightly colored cards hurts my eyes and makes long study sessions uncomfortable.

Added to the backlog. Thanks.

Not sure if it’s been mentioned elsewhere, but adding the option to turn on auto audio playback when you get a word right would be cool (similar to Wanikani).

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