I wanna learn more cards a day

Hey guys. I’m really killing it on Pandanese :nerd_face: Does anyone know how I can change the pace and like learn more cards a day? I appreciate any help

The start is slow, since you are not able to start more cards. With more cards coming in it can keep you busy after a couple of weeks. Thats the concept of spaced repetition. But yes, the first week seems super slow.

It’s my 70th day and I’m at level 4. Completed the whole sets of yellow and blue cards :grinning: So there’s no way to edit the pace?

Not that i am aware of …

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Ok ^^ Thank you

I think a few times people have asked to do more cards and the daily limit has been upped, but you still have to get to a certain level with the existing dependent cards to unlock more, or to unlock the next level. Personally I find that the limits keep things reasonable, so I don’t log in and find hundreds of cards waiting for review. (I wish Pandanese had the ‘wrap it up’ feature that Wanikani does, where you can finish up the cards you’ve half-reviewed and end the session even if you don’t get through everything. I find it much more manageable to review 10-20 items in a spare moment.)

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You’re right. That makes sense. I like how Pandanese is managing things, but since I have a really thirsty brain for learning, it’s hard to go with the flow :grimacing: Maybe I should start using Wanikani in my spare time while I’m waiting for new cars to be unlocked here. Learning Kanji is on my to-do list anyways. Thank you!!