How long does a level take you?

Hello! I’ve been using Pandanese for around 2 months now and am really enjoying the site. I came from Wanikani and there’s a lot of similarities to them. I was just wondering the general level of progression that’s expected. I’m just nearing the tail end of level 4, meaning I do around 2 levels a month. Would you say that’s normal?

If you actually keep on doing it at the same pace, and get your cards mostly correct, then probably 1 level each two weeks is reasonable. I’ve been starting and stopping, and when you get overwhelmed with reviews it’s sometimes hard to catch back up. Been on level 7 for quite a few months now :sweat_smile:.

Yeah, I limit myself to learning 5 new cards a day if I can, or the reviews become monotonous because I don’t remember anything I learnt yesterday. I’m on a 51 day streak now and on level 5 but it feels like I should be going faster aha

I just hit level 8. I was on a 53 day streak but now I’ve lost it a few times. Working on building it back up again. The busyness is quite sinusoidal somehow, when I’m nearing the end of a level it feels like I just get a dozen reviews in a day. But then when I start a level I get way too many. But it’s all determined by how you space out doing the initial learns I suppose. Maybe the developers could force that to be spaced out somehow, but it’s probably a bit tricky.