Can't email support, can't unsubscribe from Pandanese

I’ve tried emailing several times and all of my emails bounced. I’ve rechecked the email address several times, searched the forums, and clicked on the “contact support team” in the Subscription part of settings, and none of the addresses work.

If this issue isn’t resolved soon, I’m just going to report Pandanese as a fraudulent website to my bank and block all future payments on my bank’s side. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Thank you for bringing up this major issue. It should be fixed now. Can you please try again with

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I just emailed here, and the mail bounced. Can you fix it?

Hi Kaladin. Thank you for notifying us about this issue again. We are currently looking into this matter.

@Kaladin We fixed contacting again. Please let us know if there’s other contacting issues.