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Why are there no % on Radicals names in my Review results?
All the Name (Radicals) are marked as 0, incorrect!
Is it a bug in the system?

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Anyone else having this issue?

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Same here, it doesn’t seem to count any correct answers for radicals.

Noted. Thanks for your feedback.
Nikolay @Pandanese Support had better resolve this bug.

I have done 128 Radicals and it is not showing?

@nikolay When can Pandanese tech fix this flaw?

On mine as well

I have emailed @nikolay to fix it.
It seems this bug caused by the last update.
@nikolay are you in the building?

@jonah @Kaynis @indestructiblelion – I really sorry for the delayed response. Hopefully, we’ll debug this early next week.

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Hey, we have just fixed the bug and deployed it to the production app. Sorry for the delay in fixing.

You stats should look better now :wink:

Mucha gracias! :+1: