What new features are the most demanded for Pandanese students?

That is totally new for sure. Added to the backlog. Thanks

How to activate the Radical sound, am using Pandanese on my iPad Pro.

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Hey @Kaynis! Welcome to Pandanese!

The matter is that radicals are graphical parts of radicals. Although there are also instances of radicals which play a phonetic and not a graphical role in characters. Read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radical_(Chinese_characters)#Phonetic_components. So there are no sound files for radical at Pandanese.

However, you will find sound files when you pass over to characters and words :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this is yet possible, but can I view the cards that I learned from a previous lesson (all on the same page)? Thanks in advance.

Pandanese on an iPad is workable.

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Traditional Chinese characters will be interesting as one can also use it for Cantonese by matching it with the Cantonese Dictionary on Pleco.

Three things I think would be awesome:

  • A placement test
  • A higher rate of card/day would (unlimited until there is a placement test, and I think 30-50-100 would be good for advanced users)
  • Some way to edit the mnemonics
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This is already in the backlog.

  • A placement test
  • A higher rate of card/day would (unlimited until there is a placement test, and I think 30-50-100 would be good for advanced users)

Makes sense.

Another thing that’d be nice now that I’ve gotten into characters is that if you ask for the reading and the person writes the meaning, you should remind them that they are being asked the reading, instead of saying they are wrong. Also, a different background color for when you ask the meaning vs the reading would be great.


Definitely agree about it being nice if Pandanese could recognize when you entered in the meaning instead of the reading or vice versa and then ask you to re-enter what it actually asked for. Especially when you’re trying to get through a ton of reviews at once, it’s easy to make this type of mistake.

Is there any timeline for any potential upcoming updates, also?


Would really like it if there was a way to input custom definitions, often I know what a word means but can’t exactly put it in the phrase that’s needed

Definitely would like some sort of way to change the pace to a higher amount manually as well



Echoing what @Revers said, any update on adding the ability for us to add custom meanings to words? Would solve many cases of some words having very specific answers and not accepting any other kind of phrasing despite that phrasing being correct and in dictionaries as well. @nikolay

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Since it’s quite hard to quickly know whether you are supposed to pass in a meaning or a reading it would be nice to have some color coding or something to distinguish them, maybe a lighter or darker grey background in the text field.
Also, when you pass in something that can’t be parsed as chinese text when you are writing a reading it would be nice if it didn’t accept it and let you try again.

SYNONYMS. Please add the synonyms feature, as available in wanikani.
I answered “to view” recently on 看 and it told me I’m wrong… this happens with a lot of cards.

PLEASE add this feature.


I agree with this 100%. A big part of the mistakes that I make are not actually mistakes, but just not the synonym that Pandanese wants me to write. This is becoming increasingly frustrating and demotivating. If I could simply add the synonym as a custom correct answer, I would be able to make more progress and not have to endlessly repeat a lot of characters and vocabulary that I already know…