Level progression speed too slow with radicals

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me pandanese is applying only one configuration of a spaced repitions system to all types (radicals, characters and vocab). I get this impression because I recently signed up and started on level one. The progression with radicals is painfully slow and could be faster in the beginning. If this is only my impression and there actually is a faster srs implemented for radicals than for the other types, then consider this post invalid.

Wanikani.com gave radicals a faster than usual srs. You can read about this in its api docs: navigate to the documentation of the srs object and you will see that they have 2 different ones. The second one has the description: “The original spaced repetition system, but accelerated”, and when you then navigate to the “subject” object, you will see a typical radical object and the accelerated second type of srs will be applied to it.

So, if pandanese doesn’t have this, I strongly propose to implement it. As long as spaced repitions systems on this platform are implemented as their own objects in the database, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to change this.

For all who agree with me, please like and comment to bring this topic to the front.


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Meanwhile, I need to correct myself. Turns out that the first complete 2 levels are accelerated in wanikani. You can find this info in Koichi’s documentation.

…Seriously though.
I signed up multiple weeks ago and am still stuck in level 1 (and this is not because I didn’t study/review). Level progression in the beginning is WAY too slow. The users will have the impression that they are not making progress which will lead to frustration. That, in turn, will not do the app any good in terms of monetization… you just won’t get the users into a subscription this way.

You need to apply different srs intervals and speed up level 1 and 2. Seriously. As already mentioned, use wanikani as an example.

You should message support and ask them to increase your daily card limit Can I increase my pace past 12? - #12 by Gronbuske . Honestly, the biggest improvement would be to just remove the card limit in the first place, Wanikani doesn’t have it. Then radicals become less of a problem as you can learn them all at the start of a level.

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i reviewed all of them and now have to wait 3 days. how stupid