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what happen
Will you go to china

Hi Quang, yes I will, but several weeks later, and definitely not with Keats, though. I’m choosing an Immersion Program, first in Beijing, then in Chengde, North of Beijing (not Chengdu, where the Pandas are :panda_face: :smile:!).

It’s a change of plan, not a change of intentions!

Hi all :smiley: I am Sage, nice to meet cha

Hi Sage

你好。我叫惠可人。 我喜欢说中国。

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Hi guys, I am Nao.
I just started learning Chinese. So far, I just finished 29 radicals.

If you wanna commit and get motivated by other learners, let’s share progress on this topic (Let’s Become Language Buddies!)?

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你好。 你好吗?你见多大?我是十九。我是美国人。

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我很好。你呢? 我是二十四。



好啊 :+1:

我想和中国人谈谈. 你是怎么学中文的?


Hello! Rachel here!
Just joined so I’m still learning radicals. How’s everyone else going?!

Hi All, going to make a little bit of progress in Chinese, still sitting at home on Panda :slight_smile:


你好,我是 (I am) Windows Su (not my real name)

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