Let's Become Language Buddies!

Hi! My name is Char and I started learning Chinese a few days ago.

I’d love to make a study buddy so we can stay motivated and learn together! Think of how amazing it’s going to be looking at ourselves a year or two from now, and celebrate the progress we’ve made! We can exchange information and stay in touch as we progress in our learning.

Serious people wanted! :smiley:


HI, My name is Nao. and I just started learning Chinese too!! So far, I just finished first 29 radicals:grinning:

I am also looking for study buddy!! How would you like to exchange your progress here?
I think I am going to post how many cards learn/review every day.

And post proof here for now…(not sure I will keep doing this. depends on my accuracy haha)

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Hi My name is maxim and I just started learning on this site I just learned the first 29 radicals and I would love to join this thread I will post the current status whenever I remeber to


Hi Maxim!! Thank you for sharing. looks like you also just started learning!! We can do this.

I thought it would be better to share progress on separate topic since this topic is to make study buddies…And I didn’t want to mess this topic with my progress images :sweat_smile:

So, please post it on this topic(Let’s share progress!) if you are up for sharing your progress :grinning:

I would be happy to