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there is a good website for learning the japanese kanji called wanikani

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thanks a lot!

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I like Duolingo. I was using it with Italian and have found it fun and uses variety, not just rote learning.

When working with it, I make the listening stronger by closing my eyes so I can’t see it, and try to understand what I hear before I look at it.

Good luck/

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Nikolay is here. My native language is Russian. I’ve learned the following languages:

  • English – no comments here.
  • German as my second language at University.
  • Kazakh. I was born in Kazakhstan so I had to.
  • Serbian. I’m residing in Montenegro and I have to speak the local language. Also, Serbian “counts” for Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin :grinning:
  • Chinese now. And it’s “special” comparing to Slavic, Turkic and Germanic languages.

I’m an academic language learner studying Mathematics at university. I’ve studied Japanese for almost two years, (an ignorable amount of Esperanto), and am now studying Mandarin with a large help from my girlfriend and other Mandarin speaking friends from where I’m at.

I’m one of those guys who studied Japanese with Wanikani for a while. Also, I pretty much have constant exposure on the daily so the characters don’t feel like too much of a problem for me :P, but I love these kinds of applications and hopes it grows, improves, and gets the kind of recognition that Wanikani does.


Thanks! We are doing the best. Right now we’re working on a major update that will include sound quality improvement and better card entries. We’ll update you about our plans in detail later this month via email and the forum :grinning:

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My name is Kim! :slight_smile: I’m half Filipino and half Chinese. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to retain much of my Chinese growing up that is why I’m using Pandanese to help me get back on track! It would be amazing to get back to my roots :slight_smile:

Excited to be learning with fellow students here in Pandanese! :slight_smile: