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That’s awesome

Thanks Mdaed :smiley: I hope we can both work hard and learn together :smiley: Ps love that anime XD

what’s your favorite anime

我叫惠可人。你说看和写字中国。My one goal is to be completly fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Right now I can speak fluenty, just can hardly read and write.

Hi my name is Pene. My daughter in law is Chinese and speaks good English. I would like to be able to understand the meaning of the Chinese characters instead of relying on translate apps. Does anyone know a good free site/app for learning to speak Mandarin?

Hi my name is Nao. I just started learning Chinese.
My goal is to text and talk with my Chinese friends in Chinese!!

I decided to share my progress on this topic(Let’s share progress!) to commit my learning. And hopefully I can get some cheers from you guys…:see_no_evil:
Please post your progress on Pandanese or anything relates to your learning!!


我 叫 Alexina and I’m learning Chinese because I speak Spanish and English and if I learn Chinese I’ll speak the three most spoken languages which is really cool honestly.


Really really cool. I am studying several languages because it is cool to me, in my own head. I am 71 yo and Chinese is my current favorite because it requires ALL my brain, with the different scripts and artful ways to express diff concepts. I added Japanese and now Characters have another group of sounds in Kanji. Totally fun to mess with my brain this way and pick up a language on the way.

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That’s very cool. I also speak Japanese!!

I thought I can understand mostly with Kanji when I was in Taipei(maybe not understand, but at least guess…), but Japanese kanji was not enough to guess most Characters there. At the same time, Radical saved me a lot to imagine Character meaning(Not really sure if my guess was correct though :sweat_smile:). So I like the way Pandanese teach Chinese from Radical. then Characters -> Vocabularies.

i am such a beginner that most of what i can claim is interest and perseverance. However, i am now at the spot where i enjoy looking at a character (in order to write it) and find that I can name some of the radicals… recognize others (might give them my own little name until i learn the real one) and that is most pleasing to me. What is your first language?

thanks for responding; it does help my focus to chat about it a bit; and there is so much to learn from each other. if only to keep at it… lol

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That’s awesome!!
My first language is Japanese, so it is not that hard to recognize or remember Chinese Character(I hope…lol). I am still learning Radical, so I can’t wait to step up to Characters Vocabularies!!

Of course!! I would like to learn from others, and encourage each other to keep at it. Please check out my progress from here when you have time!!:grinning:

Hi! My name is Liz and I’ve decided to learn Chinese simply because i want to be able to speak multiple languages aside from English and Spanish. Also because I hope that soon i figure out what im majoring, since im a sophomore on college and i feel like it will come in handy if i do study abroad. I eventually also plan to learn Korean and Japanese once I’ve mastered Chinese. Sorry I’m all over the place with my reason.

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Hi Liz!! that’s awesome. I went study abroad for English when I was in college. It was the most amazing experience in my college life!! :grinning:
I hope you will figure out what you major soon!

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Thank you!! And me too, im struggling between computer engineering, electrical engineering or International Business but i honestly have no idea. All I know is that I want to go study abroad to anywhere I can.

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Hi. My name is Sergio. I learned Chinese a couple of years ago and decided to refresh my knowledge of that language. My goal is to be able to hold a basic conversation in Chinese.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Adrina and I’m from Malaysia.

Malaysia comprises of 3 main races, that being Malay, Chinese and Indians. My mom is Chinese and my dad is Malay so I’m a mix! However my mom was brought up in a Cantonese speaking household so I never got the chance to pick up Mandarin growing up.

However, take any 2 steps in any direction in Malaysia and you are bound to find someone who speaks fluent Mandarin who were brought up in Mandarin schools or Mandarin speaking households. A majority of them are also bilingual/trilingual- who also speak fluent English, Chinese and Malay so I usually can get away with it and not be forced to speak Mandarin (I kinda wished the circumstances did force me a little).

Anyway as Chinese has become more important not only in my everyday life but also prominent internationally, so I decided I should consider seriously picking it up and practice with friends around me.
I’m starting my first Mandarin class next week and have been on my own self-study journey as well. I’m pretty excited to kickstart this journey and find like-minded people with the same goals so say hi!

Hi Adrina!!

I am just curious how different between Mandarin and Cantonese. I’m from Japan, so I can recognize some Characters(not reading though), but Japanese doesn’t have Characters as much as Mandarine does.

Good luck with your Mandarine class :grinning:

Hi Nao-san!!

Nice to meet you! For your question well for one, Mandarin has 4 tones whereas Cantonese has 9! However, I’ve never actually tried reading any Chinese at all so I wouldn’t be able to tell you about the differences in characters. My mom probably wouldn’t be able to tell you as well because a lot of Chinese people here know how to speak the language but not read it at all too unless they were Chinese school educated.

I actually would like to pick up Japanese too in the near future and wondered if you thought Mandarin and Japanese were kind of the same…? Or is Mandarin is a lot harder?

Thank you and good luck with your Mandarin class too!

Thank you for the reply! 9 tones!? that sounds hard to learn :sweat_smile: I see!!

I just started learning Mandarin, so I cannot say much…but at least characters are similar, so I would say knowing Mandarin character helps you to learn Japanese!! In fact, you might be able to guess most of Japanese characters’ meaning!!(Number of characters are way less than Mandarin)

Wow, I’ll definitely try Japanese once I succeed at Mandarin :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck and hope your Mandarin progress is going well!!

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