HSK Prep--how/what can I do?

I was wondering what levels in Pandanese I would need to reach to have studied all the characters for the HSK tests?

Also, side note, SAT 2’s?

Although I have only reached Level 4, almost at Level 5, the Progress Page indicates that by Level 8 you would have acquired 50% of the characters included in general usage, 80% by Level 17, and 90% by level 27. I surmise that, after Level 27, it’s all about reinforcement, refining the vocabulary, and addressing the most important aspect of the program: committing the material to Permanent Memory. The program moderators believe that, with regular training sessions, the Pandanese format can get you there within around 1-1/2 year.

Since there are six levels of HSK, HSK1 through HSK6, the required levels go from 150 characters total for HSK1, 300 (cumulative total, not additional) at HSK2, 600 at HSK3, 1200 at HSK4. At the HSK5 and HSK6 levels, you would be able to get through college-level classes. I’ don’t know about SAT’s because I went to tHigh School and University in France, where we have two Baccalauréats as University Entrance exams, not SAT’s. Hope this helps!