How many times do I have to get a radical right to unlock the character?

Hey guys, new here :slight_smile:

Welcome :). Keep updating in the forum on your progress. What are your goals for Chinese?

Thanks :smiley: I will. My partner is Chinese and I want to raise our kids in Chinese and English, so I would like to be conversationally fluent

Ah okay. So I recently read this book “Fluent in 3 Months”, it’s by Benny Lewis who is also the host of the Language Hacking podcast. He’s a really interesting guy, and he explains his approach to learning languages (he has learned 14 I think), and he also dispels a lot of myths about it. I’d recommend it.
But one thing to keep in mind, learning vocab on here is really helpful for getting better at reading, but the best practice for speaking is to speak more. The guy in the book explained it quite well, definitely worth checking that out :).
While using these notecards be sure to use the example sentences they give you a lot, because that makes it much more clear in your head how it’s really supposed to be used in a sentence.

What other resources do you use, btw?