Forced into level four

So I’ve been forced into level four, which ends the free trial. This also means that I can’t learn or review cards from previous levels. With WaniKani you are simply stuck in level 3 and allowed to review whatever you’ve learned so far. It makes much more sense.

I’m very skeptical of paying for this site given that there seem to be so many flaws, and there doesn’t seem to be a will to fix any of them or even address feedback.

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Yeah it’s really annoying that the site cuts you off at that point, instead of being able to continue to review the cards from the first three levels. You could have hypothetically kept getting on of the last characters wrong on person to avoid being leveled up.

I agree with you that the price that they charge for this product is too high as of yet, with how incomplete it feels, and not fixing a lot of the basic flaws that the community points out. And especially given how many years they’ve already been working on it.

Though I like this style of learning, just like Wanikani, so it’s exactly what I was looking for, but it’s been poorly executed in comparison.