Favorite resources for learning Chinese?

We all know you love Pandanese but what are other resources you’ve used to supplement your language learning?

We love watching shows/ movies in Chinese! It really helps us familiarize ourselves with Pronunciation and Grammar.

How about you?

I love learning languages through reading, it’s what I did as a child. So I find LingQ is an amazing tool. It essentially lets you read level-appropriate Chinese (or any language’s) material such as books / news articles / transcribed podcasts and so on. It has helpful features to provide definitions for new words, and tracking the words you know. This really helps to understand the meaning of words in a real context, and also it’s fun!
It does cost money, but there is are free alternatives like https://readlang.com/

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Also Lingodeer provides nice lessons that are good to start learning a language. They teach you fundamental grammar and basic vocabulary. In Japanese I started with Lingodeer, moved to a combo of LingQ + Bunpro + Wanikani, and finally progressed to pure immersion + an Anki deck to learn rare Kanji found in the wild.

Hello Wattsy! Thank you so much for your insights :slight_smile: Always happy to hear of other resources to help with learning Chinese. How has Pandanese been for you so far?

So cool that you’re also learning Kanji! :purple_heart:

Pandanese is going well, it’s very useful as a foundational Hanzi learning tool. Knowing Hanzi helps you understand words you’ve never seen before, it’s invaluable for learning vocabulary