Favorite Chinese Food!

Hello Pandanese Community! :slight_smile:

I’m Kimberly and I am a huge foodie! Whenever I travel, I build my travel list around food I want to try out and I must say, Chinese food is one of my favorites!

They say experience is the best teacher and I can surely attest to that! I get to practice my Chinese when I’m reading the menu and ordering food. It is a great way to learn Chinese while satisfying my food cravings!

My favorite food would be this simple dish.

Lu Rou Fan or Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly Bow.

In Simplified Chinese: 卤肉饭

卤 - Lu - Brine

肉 - Rou - Pork

饭 - Fan - Rice

It’s my favorite! I don’t mind eating this over and over again. It’s simple, timeless, and easy to make. A definite comfort food.

For you, what’s your favorite Chinese dish?

Here’s a snapshot of my yummy bowl I ate when I visited Taiwan~

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Thank you for sharing your favorite food! It’s always great to learn from experience :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Pandanese Community! Always happy to grow and make friends :panda_face:

饭 - Fan - Rice

Is a staple dish for me!