Chinese Drama shows worth binge watching?

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Kim here from the Pandanese team :smiling_face: I love watching Chinese Drama shows to supplement my learning journey! Thankfully with streaming sites like Netflix, it’s easily accessible :partying_face: It helps me because not only am I hooked on the story, I can hear how native speakers converse, and the subtitles helps me practice as well!

My personal favorite is Meteor Garden - It’s a revival of one of the OG C-Drama shows when I was a kid! It’s a modern take on the Taiwanese version of the same name. It centers on 4 boys and a girl and a story that covers the joys of life, growing up, friendship, and love. It’s definitely a must-watch! It will get you binge-watching in no time, and help you amp up your vocab to boot! :tv:

C-Dramas are my guilty pleasure when I’m learning Chinese, what other shows do you recommend me watching?

Hi Everyone,
Hi Kim,

Nice to meet you all :blush:

I haven’t really started watching dramas or Chinese movies so far just yet. But would love to start watching so that I can improve faster. I love food and anything related to it thus any dramas related will be super cool! :sparkles:

To all the users who are here before me, please send me your recommendations so that I can get better :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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We just released our article on the 10 Must-Watch Chinese shows on Netflix!

Read up on our blog if you find yourself scrolling through the seemingly endless list and take a look at our suggestions! Perfect way to supplement your Chinese language learning :purple_heart:

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this is a really great article, will definitely start watching some of these shows. Thank you for sharing :partying_face: