Card Breakdown section should count all cards

Currently the Card Breakdown section only give information about cards for one’s current level. It should show information for all viewed cards, not just the current level cards. Only giving stats about the current level doesn’t make sense, because current level cards are only going to be at novice or apprentice level before moving to the next level.

Also, showing stats for all cards is what WaniKani does.

If they only considered current level cards, then there would be no Master cards and few Guru cards.


Yes, exactly! I was used to how WaniKani does it also, and then was confused when my card breakdown on here showed up as so low. Would definitely prefer the card breakdown to show all cards. You’re never going to get anything in Fluent or Master with this method, unless you’re really off track on some cards for whatever reason.

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Totally agree. This interface is really clunky and needs serious updating. I regret payiing for this site.

I’d feel better if one of the people working on this site would actually respond to these messages, to let us know that they’re working on it, or tell us the reason why they chose to do it this way.
I still feel like it’s useful, and am keeping it in my daily routine. But the moment there’s a viable competitor similar to this I’ll be willing to try it out.