Can I increase my pace past 12?

Hi Nikolay.

Sorry to bother yet again. The pace is unfortunately still not correct. Can you please fix it?


Hey @lefei

Sorry for the delayed reply. I just viewed you SRaaS profile. You still have unreviewed cards (SRS 1 level) which naturally block you from getting new cards. See the GIF below:


You could reviewed them because they were blocked by their children cards too. That multilevel interdependence naturally slows down the learning pace.

New bunch of cards will be available for review in 2-6 hours. Have a nice and accurate review!

Hey Nikolay,

Alright, thanks for the reply.

Is there any way to speed up to process to learn more cards per day, or does it always require reviewing the past learned cards?


In Space Repetitions System, it always requires to review the past learned cards to unlock the new cards which are dependent on the unreviewed cards.

I can manually make your current cards reviewed (it adds +1 SRS level to all past learned cards), if you insist on that. But it will break the SRS and can cause the mess.

but it makes me wait 8 hours? absurd

Hello – can I please increase my pace to 50 cards, too? I used to speak Chinese and haven’t practiced in years… being stuck on radicals is a bit frustrating.

Hello, thank you for your inquiry. Please use the chat button to contact us for further instructions. We will do our best to help you out :slight_smile: