Can I increase my pace past 12?

Hey all,

The app is great so far. I was just wondering if it’s possible to increase my pace past the limit of 12 cards a day?

Sorry, I missed your message. How many cards daily will be perfect for you?

TLDR: I’d like to put new cards up to 1200 so I can start searching for new stuff and then change back to about 30-50/day when I get to the point I’m at. Could you please set mine for this?

Hey @nikolay, I have the same interest here. I’ve studied Chinese for a while and I already know a lot of the basic radicals and characters and would like to increse my daily cards so I can blaze through what I already know and start learning new stuff. Could you set my daily cards to about 1200? (A big number but I’ll lower it once I’ve started seing new stuff)

Also, I think a lot of advanced SRS users could handle about 30-50 cards a day, so I’d recommend you also add those options to the visible options.

Thanks for your time!

PS: I’ve tried using the API and setting but nothing changed.

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Done! Let me know when you want to decrease it to the normal tempo

Also, I think a lot of advanced SRS users could handle about 30-50 cards a day, so I’d recommend you also add those options to the visible options.

I noted that.


Hey, thanks for the fast reply @nikolay!

However, it only allowed me to do another 12 and then told me I already had done 1200! Maybe that’s a bug?

If you could pretty please change it again so I can do the ones I know that’d be great!

The ones I’ve done:

How many it says I’ve done:

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@nikolay any updates on the issue of it not allowing one to do all 1200 cards even if that pace is set?

@phcavelar hey, I assume that is because you didn’t review the parent cards. Patent cards (radicals to characters or characters to words) unblock the child ones. Let me know if it helps.

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Makes sense. I’ve done some reviews and I could do new cards. Thanks!

May I have my pace increased as well (50 sounds good!)?

The current pace is slow for me; I’m already familiar with a lot of the beginner characters and the vocab, so I’d like to go through things more quickly.

@nikolay Could I also have my max increased to something like 50? I’m back after a foray into traditional characters and want to get caught back up :slight_smile: Thanks!

@Ambuoroko done!

Hello! I’m new to this app and have been trying out other sources to learn chinese previously so I am already familiar with a lot of the common characters and words so I would like to increase the pace a bit while I still recognize things. Can this be done?

Hello, I know japanese so I can quickly learn the characters as all I need to learn is the pronunciations. It would be great if you could put me up to 30 cards a day, thanks!

You can! Please contact us via the chat or email so we can make it happen :slight_smile:

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Hi Nikolay. I have been using Remembering Simplified Hanzi before finding Pandanese. I have already studied more than 2000 characters by using RSH books. Could you please increase my daily learning pace to cards 1200 so that I can fast-track my progress?

Thanks for joining! Just done! Enjoy Pandanese and feel free to reach out!

Hello Nikolay! There was some error with the learning pace. Even though the daily card learning pace was set to 1200, I was only able to learn 12 cards per day. I accidentally changed it to 12 cards per day, not 1200. Could you please change it back to 1200? Thank you for the help.

@lefei done! How is it going?

The pace is at 1200 cards per day, but for some reason when I begun my learning session today, it showed that I had already learned 1200 cards today, which I hadn’t. Would you kindly fix this?

As a clarification, this is how it looked like in the beginning of today’s session.