Bugs List on the Site

I’ve been finding some bugs occasionally while using this site. I figured it might be useful to list them so that they can be fixed, if this should be put somewhere else then feel free to let me know.

But on this card: 认真, the default answers are showing in brackets for some reason, I assume that the way it was stored in the JSON file, or whatever method is being used was somehow duplicated.

Here’s a similar issue that I found, like in my previous post. Where in the Acceptable answers it shows things from a different list.


On this card. I put the meaning “and so on” “and so on…” and “and so on …”. All were marked as wrong. Only “et cetera” gave me the meaning correct. So maybe the “wait a minute!” part of the meaning is tied on, so it’s looking for “and so on …, wait a minute!” or something.

What is this part of the meaning even for? It’s showing up like that similarly in the card for “Author”.

That’s the classifier. Kinda similar to counter words in Japanese.
They’re pulling the definition data from CC-CEDICT (probably), which is where that comes from.
You can see it here: Word dictionary - 看法 - MDBG Chinese Dictionary
mdbg.net is a great resource btw. Worth bookmarking! There’s also a mobile app called Pleco which has this definition data available.

Oh thanks for the response Justin! Yeah it seems that’s exactly where they’re pulling these from. But maybe they should filter those types of responses out :thinking:.

I’m seeing some issues with the “acceptable answers” I put in. They show up when I get the answer wrong. But then when I look at where I typed them in, they’re cut short. Clearly there seems to be an issue with there being an " ’ ", in the word.